About Us

Thank you for visiting LiveStockSeller.com we are proud to serve your livestock and farm related items.  

LiveStockSeller.com is the reult of approximatley 10 years of coming up with the idea, figuring out how to accomplish it and alot of trial and error.  We hope that we are finally able to offer a platform that our users find useful and enjoy utilizing.  It is not our intent to take away from other platforms that you are utilizing for your selling needs but that we will compliment them.    

LiveStockSeller went live on approximately 1/9/14.  During the first week the feedback and site visits have been phenomenal and we are excited to see the new listings as they appear.  Without the ads we will not be successful so we hope that you will give us a try.  IF YOU LIKE OUR SITE PLEASE TELL ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT MIGHT FIND IT USEFUL.  

LiveStockSeller.com is committed to providing a useful and enjoyable experience.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or critiques please feel free to contact us at anytime.  We gladly accept all forms of feedback.

Thanks Again,

Will Mason